Scholarship Program


The Scholarship Committee is appointed by the Session and commissioned to oversee a program within the church whereby scholarship funds are collected, maintained and distributed to deserving college students.

Character of Distribution

Distribution made under the scholarship program will be in the form of grants.
(Revised by the Session on January 27, 1998.)


  1. A candidate for scholarship must be a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Wales and will be interviewed annually by the Scholarship Committee.
  2. A candidate for scholarship must attend Erskine College or one of the Christian Colleges listed on the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities website.
  3. A candidate for scholarship must attend a Christian college with the intent of leading a life devoted to Christ.
  4. A candidate for scholarship must complete the financial aid work sheet, thereby demonstrating a need for financial assistance.
  5. A candidate for scholarship must include a copy of his/her fall semester grades and a copy of his/her spring semester classes. (Both High School and College students have to supply grades and schedules).
  6. A candidate for scholarship must complete their application themselves and have his/her application in by the deadline.
  7. A candidate attending Erskine College must apply for the matching grant and have the necessary paperwork to be signed by Rev. Reynolds to him by the deadline…late applications will not be reviewed.

Contact with the Scholarship Committee

  • A candidate for scholarship is expected to appear before the scholarship committee. If needed, a phone interview may be conducted.
  • A candidate for scholarship will acknowledge his/her scholarship acceptance in writing upon award of scholarship and upon receipt of scholarship.

Scholarship Deadline

The application for this scholarship must be turned into the church office on or before February 5, 2017. You can download the application here, or contact the church office.

Scholastic Year: 2016-2017