The Gospel and Human Sexuality

prayer_bibleWhat does the Bible tell us about human sexuality? What does it say about marriage? Gender? Attraction? Identity? In this class, we will explore these questions, among others, as we try to engage these topics with our eyes fixed upon God and His Word. As we study the Scriptures on this subject we will seek to understand the beauty and purpose of human sexuality, as created by God, while rightly acknowledging the sinfulness of all sexual immorality.

We will seek to grow in our understanding of the Gospel of Christ, which beckons us out of our old lives in sin Рbe it sexual sin or sin of other sorts Рinto our new identities in Jesus, our Savior and Lord.  We will also seek to grow in our understanding of how to share the Good News with one another, members of our family, others in our community, and with the larger culture around us, calling them to repentance in a manner that exhibits the love of Christ.

This class was taught by Rev. Chad Reynolds as part of our Wednesday night Ekklesia Adult Elective series.


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