PhilippiansJoy and hope are key themes in Paul’s epistle to the Philippians. The joy and hope of which Paul writes are not just nebulous concepts that he encourages in the Philippians like the out of place words of motivation on a greeting card or a classroom poster. Rather, Paul’s joy and hope – both for himself, though he is in prison, and for the Philippians – are firmly grounded in his union with the crucified, risen and soon to return Christ Jesus, and in the partnership in the Gospel that he had with his fellow Christians in Philippi.

Over the course of our six weeks of studying this letter, we will look to see the encouragement that we can take to rejoice in the Lord Jesus Christ with hope, even in the midst of difficulties and trials, as we grow in understanding Paul’s words that to live is Christ and to die is gain.

This class was taught by Rev. Chad Reynolds as part of our Wednesday night Ekklesia Adult Elective series.


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