Missions Reflections

Do you have any sense of being on Jesus’ mission?  This is the question Tim Rice asked us at the beginning of this year’s mission festival.  Makes me think.  Makes me think that I definitely should have a sense of being on a mission for Jesus.  Makes me think…Do I?

Each year that I’ve been involved with planning the mission festival, the mission committee has trusted that the slate of missionaries and keynote speakers would bring to focus and inspire the sense that we should all be missionaries sharing the Gospel regardless of where we are physically standing.  Although the central theme this year was church planting as opposed to foreign missions, I believe every speaker throughout the four days did precisely that.  From ministering to and aiding refugees, to planting brand new churches from the ground up, to purposefully splitting healthy churches to form more new ones…each of these are concrete visions of what our sense of Jesus’ mission should look like.  

Throughout the festival we were challenged to get out of our comfort zone, let our stuff go, and to make sacrifices for the few years we are sojourners on this earth in order to secure eternal life for our neighbors.  Each speaker shared past experiences and ongoing strategies in place in their ministries to fulfill the great commission and teach all nations the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As I took it all in during the week, I could readily see that these folks did in fact have an enormous sense of being a part of Jesus’ mission.  Pondering the many ways these speakers shared their vision of leading the lost to salvation, the thought came back to me again… do I stay right in the middle of my comfort zone while hanging on to all my stuff and sacrificing next to nothing… or do I step out in faith and live my life with a determined sense of being on Jesus’ mission?  Makes me think.

Fox Rawlings