The Wife of Issac – Genesis 24:1-33

Abraham Sermon Series - Genesis 24:1-33This sermon is based on Genesis 24:1-33. Click here to read the text.

Abraham is old, advanced in years, and blessed in every way. The perfect picture of retirement. But Abraham is not taking it easy. Anything but. He is busy making plans.

Plans. (vv. 2-10) Plans are common occurrences. Old and young alike, we make plans every day. We make them on big and small scales. Abraham is solemnly planning a detailed operation on a large scale. What motivates Abraham’s plan-making? What motivates yours?

Promise. (v. 7) Before Abraham’s eyes Isaac has grown up, every day a reminder of God’s faithfulness to Abraham, and through Abraham to every nation on earth (Gen. 12:3) – including ours. God had promised Abraham two things: land and innumerable offspring. Based on these promises Abraham makes his plans. God’s promise is primary. Abraham’s plans are secondary (v7). So Abraham plans to get a wife for Isaac from outside Canaan . Apart from God’s promise any woman would do for Isaac but Abraham’s plan is based on and faithful to God’s promise of covenant offspring. Secondly, Abraham
instructs that Isaac must not leave Canaan . Apart from God’s promise of this particular land, any place of residence would do for Isaac. Abraham’s plan is based on God’s promise of land.

Provision. (v. 10) Abraham’s faith in God’s promise is clear in the way he makes his plan. However, faith also calls for obedience. That is, action. In this case, putting money where the mouth is. His faith has a tangible cost: Camels and servants (v.10), gold (v.22), fine clothing and costly ornaments (v.53), provision for large scale eating and drinking (v. 54), etc. Apart from God’s promise any woman and any land would do. It would be easier to consider this. It would also be cheaper. These are not Abraham’s concerns, however. He will make provision for the plan he has made based on the promise he has received from God who, by the way, was the one who had blessed him in every way (v. 1, 35; Rom. 8:32).

Discuss and Pray – Genesis 24:1-33

  1. Do God’s promises come into your plan-making? Are they primary? Or do they come after the plan? Or maybe not at all? Explain.
  2. What comfort can we have when we make plans in accordance with God’s promises?
  3. List together some of the promises God has made to us. (Note: Gen. 3:15; Rev. 21:24)
  4. Are you willing to make provision for God’s plan? Even if it is inconvenient &/or expensive? Even if you won’t see the end result? Why/Why not?
  5. Are there any changes that might need to prayerfully take place in your life regarding current or future plans?