Atlanta Missions 2014 – Final Thoughts

Atlanta Missions 2014

After spending four days ministering to the children on Pearl Lane in Atlanta, Georgia, we were left with many unexplainable feelings. One being how could you fall utterly in love with a child you had known for just 16 hours? How could you feel like a part of you was being ripped out when the bus pulled away for the last time as little Frankie watched us go under his rainbow umbrella. The immediate thought that flooded my brain when I saw him standing in the downpour with his rainbow umbrella was the promise God made to his people in Genesis 9:13, “I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”

The fact that those kids, some for the first time heard the message of hope of the gospel because 10 teenagers from a little town in Florida decided it was important enough to do. God used a seemingly unskilled group of students to show Christian love and acceptance to children that fight to survive each day. Children that live with multiple family and non-family members, in small World War II temporary housing units. The life they live is so far from the lives of the students that came to serve them, but it worked and it worked well. Children began to come earlier and earlier and stay late each night. They were overcome with joy by the attention that they received, as most fend for themselves all summer as mothers work 7 days a week to provide for them. They longed for someone to tell them that they were going to be ok, and that they themselves were ok. The students were able to give them what they were looking for by sharing Christ’s unconditional love with them. Children for the first time heard that someone loved them no matter what they did or did not do, that they were beautiful and created for a purpose. They, the Frankies and Johana’s and Jenri’s of the world mattered solely because Christ says they do.

The bond formed with the children by our team can only be explained by just that, the Love of Christ Jesus that bonds us and knits us together as brothers and sisters.

Please continue to pray for Cross-Cultural Missions and Mrs. Virginia who has devoted her life to serving Christ by serving the families on Pearl Lane.