Atlanta Missions 2014 – Day 3

atlanta_missions_06Today we began much the same as yesterday with one small difference ; our younger group of children exploded with over 35 children! Our team of students met the challenge with courage and patience.

We told the story of the death of Jesus. In one of the groups a boy had tears in his eyes as he asked, “That’s it he is dead, oh no Miss”. I wish we all would react this way when we hear the story of the crucifixion of Christ. It is a horrible event, and a humbling event that marks all of us as children of God. A mark we are so undeserving of yet because of His love for us and his never failing grace we can be called His.

The children will hear the rest of the story tomorrow. The resurrection story.

Please be in prayer that the word of God and the hope of Christ permeates the hearts of these children and becomes their constant source of hope and peace.

Our youth are constantly reminded of how blessed their lives are as they have watched and listened daily to the stories of these children. One flippantly speaks of a spot where a man was killed. Most speak of gangs and gun violence that is their norm.

Please continue to lift these Children up in prayer and for our students to have their hearts broken by the things that break the heart of God…