Atlanta Missions 2014 – Day 2

atlanta_missions_05Pulling up to the Buford apartments, there were already children waiting for us on day two of our vacation bible school here in Atlanta. Our host, Virginia, has shared with us the struggles of the younger generations in this area. The majority of them attend overcrowded and understaffed schools, the girls are manipulated into bearing children at a young age, and there is a very heavy gang influence encompassing them.

After several games of soccer and four-square the children move inside and get to exercise their artistic abilities. It has been fun watching them each take their own creative spin on making bowls and door hangers that will serve as constant reminders in their homes of this time they have spent with us. But more importantly than just spending time with us they are getting a far better experience. They are being exposed to the word of God and the incredible journey that was Jesus’ life here on earth. Quentin Ballentine revealed to the children today the importance of the word of God by sharing with them from Luke the story of Jesus being tempted by Satan in the wilderness. This situation of Jesus referring to the Scriptures in the midst of His temptation can serve as a good example for these kids to turn to the Word of God in their day-to-day struggles.

We ended our time with the kids playing more games and laughing at some silly jokes. Though our physical bodies are beginning to tire, we are encouraged by the presence of the Holy Spirit in our ministry here and the engagement we see from the children. Our team is excited to continue to serve throughout the rest of the week and appreciates your support and prayers from home.