Prayer Focus: Holy Week

jesus-cross-smallHoly Week (Palm Sunday through Easter) is one of the most glorious and challenging times to worship the Lord. It is glorious because we have the privilege of remembering how our Lord Jesus Christ gave the ultimate sacrifice; his life, for our redemption. We are reminded that he rose from the dead, and lives and reigns with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.Holy Week is challenging because it is painful to review the terrible suffering, humiliation, torture, and pain that Jesus endured. The music of the Lenten season often reflects the suffering of the Lord, and is sometimes in a minor key and in slower tempos. Yet immersing ourselves in meditation, prayer and worship as we recall Christ’s sacrifice can be joyful as we realize how much the Lord loves us and what a glorious hope we have in Him because of His sacrifice! As you sing somber songs about Christ’s suffering and death, prayerfully consider what kind of love he showed us and rejoice!

Observing the sacrament of communion on Maundy Thursday further reminds us of the body and blood of Christ that was given for us. Prepare yourself for communion by confessing any sin and going to an offended brother or sister and asking their forgiveness.

On Good Friday we have the privilege of worshipping again with many of our brothers and sisters from Lake Wales at the community Good Friday Service; this year held at the New Harvest Worship Center, 45 Dr. Martin Luther Jr. Blvd., Lake Wales at 12:00 pm.