Our Week In The Bwl (So Far)

Long travel followed by a couple of days’ recovery in the valleys that included seeing old friends and handing out flyers promoting the week, was the beginning of our mission. Hospitality abounds every place we go…stops for showers include mince pies and drop scones; dinners in our hosts’ homes rival any five star restaurant; lunch time sandwiches miraculously turn into a pot of spicy chicken soup with a mountain of fresh berries topped with single cream. Tabernacl members seem to appreciate the encouragement brought from America.

fox-walesThen there are the kids….Bible Club competed with another youth program in the village this week so numbers started humbly and increased daily. Those coming were quick to memorize daily Bible verses and understand what they mean. Several parents came the last day to follow their kids through a day at Bible Club and watch a top-notch production of the The Good Samaritan -God is definitely at work over here.

His blessings abounded for me personally when we opened the doors for our first coffee shop on Monday night. Two came in and we wondered if that may be all for the first night…then the flood gates opened and more than a dozen of the kids I have known for five years walked through the doors as recent high school graduates. The boys – as they have come to be called over the years- came to the coffee shop all week and even joined us ‘litter picking’ as a community service project on Thursday around the Bwl. Many say they will be at Sunday service tomorrow. Perhaps one day we will know how God has worked in their hearts through our time with them.

We are now tired to the point that most everything we do is funny to each other. But it is a tired that feels very satisfying, as we believe that God has been working through us this week in a mighty way.

– Fox Rawlings
August 3, 2013