The Foundation

Milan Methodist - The FoundationSome of you know that I grew up in a small town (Milan) in northern Pennsylvania and lived right next door to the Methodist Church. Small town, small church, but it did provide a foundation even over my resistance!

I will take you back to the time when I was 8-10 year old. For me the best day of the year was the “Last Day of School”. A whole summer to enjoy the baseball diamond out my back door, A river to explore (Susquehanna), a creek lot to build dams, build forts and fight “battles,” a mountain to climb, bikes to ride, a place to play indoor basketball if it rained… And 4 other boys my same age to do all this with.

So summer begins. But who comes along and spoils it… but Mrs. Butters and Gladys Reeves with VBS! How could they disrupt my plans? Don’t they know I have places to go and things to do? However since all of my four buddies were going to VBS, I caved. I am not sure I caved but was directed by my parents to go!!!!

Back to the present. I was talking to John Yarbrough about a passage in the bible about selecting or deselecting soldiers by the way they drank water from a creek or lake. A difference of opinion emerged on what was the selection process. So back to the Bible to resolve, but where? Looked through a concordance, Googled it, but could not find it. I asked John DuBois (my bible mentor) and he thought it was in Joshua. Scanned all of Joshua, not there!. (So much for John as my Bible mentor!). The search goes on. An email to Chad about the question, but before he got back to me, a memory from decades ago from that “hated” VBS and a flannel board presentation (You younger types will have to ask your grandparents about a “flannel board”.) and the answer appeared!

Another example of the great foundation… As a singer, I do not qualify for the choir, for that matter they would not let me in the “Joyful Noise”. But as my wife will attest, I do sing in the shower and those songs from VBS and Sunday school come back. Jesus loves me this I know……

All this to introduce a new series on “The Foundation”; personal stories on how this church has provided a great foundation for your life. Watch for it in the upcoming issues of the Diligent.

And, if YOU have a story on how this church has provided a “Foundation” for you, tell us, we want to tell the congregation.

To parents; as we come up on VBS and your kids might resist…. YOU resist and get them to VBS. As in many things, it may take time, but they will thank you many years down the road.

Oh, you want the answer on the soldiers… Search… and you will find!

And the argument… That is between John and me.