Book Donations

bookshelf-smallSpring has sprung so it’s time for everyone’s annual clean out. Wondering what to do with all those books that you have laying around? Why not donate them to the local county jails and state prisons. Over the next month, we will be collecting books at the church office. When we get a full load, they will be delivered to the libraries at the various prisons in the area. Almost all books are acceptable, but there are a few that should be avoided…no cookbooks, no travel guides, and nothing that is spiral bound. On the up side, the county jail has specifically requested paperback Bibles as they can’t seem to keep enough in stock. The books can be religious or┬ánot, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or reference. Don’t miss your chance to do something great with the books that have already brought you joy (or the ones that you thought that you’d read but never will).

Thanks for your help.