Twice Chosen

November is adoption month. As a way of highlighting that little known fact I asked Elizabeth Weaver Gregg, daughter of Jim and Kay Weaver, to write a brief testimony of her being adopted by both the Weavers and by God the Father. Her words are a great encouragement to me, especially as Laney and I await the day that we become adoptive parents. I pray that you are blessed by her words of being twice chosen to the glory of Christ Jesus.
~ Chad

On December 21, 1978, I was chosen, by Jim and Kay Weaver to be a part of their family. For that, I am truly blessed. I can think of no other way to begin to describe the meaning of adoption in my life. I have never known a day when I was not aware of this fact. From the beginning, my parents established a day each year that was just for me, a day that my two older brothers did not celebrate for themselves. It was my chosen day. It was like having two birthdays, which for a little girl was very special. They approached my adoption into the Weaver family with honesty and openness, which really shaped the way I have dealt with it throughout my life.

On that first chosen day, I was brought home to a house filled with two brothers, four grandparents, and many of the members of First Presbyterian Church, all waiting with open arms to shower me with love. I am blessed to have been brought into this family where I am loved unconditionally. I was never made to feel like the “adopted daughter”, but just a daughter. Because of the approach my parents took, being adopted has never been my identity. I have never felt like I had to win my acceptance or earn my position in the family.

Now that I am a mother of three daughters, I understand more fully the love that my parents have for me. Since becoming a mom, I have had thoughts about contacting my birth mother, not in an attempt to fill any void, but to tell her thank you. All I have is basic information about her. I know she was 18 years old when she gave birth to me and gave me up for adoption. Most people may look at this as a selfish act, not wanting to burden her life at such a young age, but I have always seen this as a tremendously selfless act of sacrificial love. I am truly grateful that she made the decision, as hard as it may have been, to provide me with the wonderful life with which I have been blessed.

As Christians, we are all truly blessed. We are adopted by a Father that exhibited the ultimate sacrificial love, giving His one and only Son upon the cross for our salvation. The Westminster Shorter Catechism defines adoption as “an act of God’s free grace, whereby we are received into the number, and have a right to all the privileges of the sons of God.” As children of God, we are all part of a family, accepted regardless of our DNA or bloodlines. Ephesians 1:4-5 explains the only real requirement: “In love He predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of His will.”

I have always felt “extra special” because I have been chosen twice. The Weaver family, my family, has shown me unconditional love and there has never been one second where I did not feel that I was right where God wanted me to be. As I established my own family, I have come to better appreciate the sacrifice made by my birth mother and to understand the unconditional love of my parents. It truly is a covenantal love, not one of obligation or bloodline. I view my adoption as an earthly example of the love that God has shown for me as one of His children, through the Covenant of Grace. Yes, I am an adopted child. In Christ, so are you!

Elizabeth describes herself as a stay at home/target/hobby lobby mom, party planner, who loves the idea of getting to play tennis again one day. She is married to Dr. Neal Gregg from Hattiesburg, Mississippi…an Orthopedic Surgeon at Southern Bone & Joint in Hattiesburg. Elizabeth and Neal have three girls Addie Dayne almost 6, McKay 4, Katie B. is 22 months.

Elizabeth has two brothers – Jay Weaver who lives in Atlanta, Georgia and Paul Weaver, who lives in Lake Wales.