Prayer Focus: God’s Gifts

We are all given gifts from God; time, money, energy, brains and so many more. It is our responsibility to use those gifts wisely and for good purpose. This applies to us as individuals, a church, a government or a country. As you sit in the pew on Sunday morning, you are given roughly an hour to worship…pray that you will use it wisely. Rev. Reynolds is given about 25 minutes to preach the Word…pray that he will use it wisely. The Stewardship and Finance committee has spent the last few months preparing a budget for our church for next year. Pray that they have used that time to wisely prepare a budget that honors God and is used for good purpose. Now this responsibility comes to you. It is time to pray that the resources given to you are used wisely and for good purpose. It is not the amount, it is the amount you give with a happy and willing heart. Pray that you give and serve God with that happy and willing heart.