New Member: Tim Abele

Welcome new member Tim Abele.  Many years ago Tim’s grandparents owned and operated the Zane Motel which is now the Prince of Wales Motel on Scenic Highway.  His Dad and Mom graduated from Lake Wales High School.  The family moved around the country a lot from Port Orange, Michigan, California, and Dallas.  Tim spent his summers here in Lake Wales.  He moved to Florida when he was eighteen, enlisted in the Army and returned to Lake Wales and has been here ever since.  This town has been like a magnet to him for which he blames the Iron Mountain, Bok Tower.  Tim works for a civil engineering company.  His work is very interesting and he can fill you in on that.  Tim has one son, age nineteen, from a previous marriage.  His wife’s name is Luciana, they met in 2009 and were married July 22, 2011.  His bride is of the Catholic faith and is currently living in Brazil caring for her Mother.   She has never been to the United States and they are in the process of getting her Visa paperwork in order for her to come here.  Tim likes to play the guitar, and has been playing since age of eight. He enjoys fishing too.  Luciana loves to do crafts and embroidery.   While Tim searched for a long time for a church home and attended many along the way, it was in Brazil that he found the Presbyterian Church and he and Luciana would take turns attending her church and his while there.  For a while he attended Hope Presbyterian in Winter Haven.  Eventually he came to this church and he feels like God showed him where he needed to be.