New Members – Cody and Autumn Moyer

Welcome new members Cody and Autumn (Bridges) Moyer. Cody came to Lake Wales from Pennsylvania when he was eight years old. Autumn was born and raised in Lake Wales. Cody and Autumn are Lake Wales High School grads and have been married for two years. Cody is a network manager for the new elementary school, Spessard Holland, in Bartow. Autumn works as the Director of Career Counseling at Warner University and is the daughter of Don Bridges and Donna Sowell. They both enjoy going to the gym as well as spending time with friends and family. Working with our youth group is a real highlight for them and they feel that the kids have been a true blessing to them. When Cody taught at the high school, David Kennedy Nelson was a student of his and invited the Moyers to a Christmas Eve Service. They have been coming ever since – Good Job, David and “Welcome” to the Moyers.