Back To Basics

A recent addition to our church library is a series of short booklets (each about 30 pages in length) called the Basics of the Reformed Faith. These are great for explaining succinctly some of the distinctive doctrines that make us (First Presbyterian Church) Reformed in our theology. Some of the titles include What Is a Reformed Church?, What is the Christian Worldview?, Why Do We Baptize Infants?, and What are Election and Predestination? (See below for a complete list of titles in this series.)

It has been my practice in my time as senior minister of First Presbyterian Church to present Why We Baptize Infants?, by Dr. Bryan Chapell, as a gift for parents who are presenting their little ones for baptism. The booklet capably presents the Biblical case for admitting covenant children to the font for this sacrament. I have also encouraged students in my inquirers classes to read What Are Election and Predestinaton?, by Dr. Richard Phillips, and What is Providence?, by Dr. Derek Thomas, when they have had questions about these particular doctrines.

Perhaps you know someone or even you yourself have some questions about particular doctrines that our church espouses. If so, the entire set of Basics of the Reformed Faith is now available in the church library. You may prefer to have a copy of one or more of these titles for yourself. If so you can find them at most any online book retailer. The ARP bookstore  carries most of the titles from this series.

Here is the complete list of titles in the series, Basics of the Reformed Faith:

  • What is the Atonement?
  • Why do We Baptize Infants?
  • Why Believe in God?
  • What is Biblical Preaching?
  • How Our Children Come toFaith
  • What is the Christian Worldview?
  • What is Church Government?
  • What is Discipleship?
  • What are Election and Predestination?
  • How do we Glorify God?
  • What is Grace?
  • What is Hell?
  • What is Justification by Faith?
  • What is the Lord’s Supper?
  • What is Man?
  • What is Perseverance of the Saints?
  • What is Providence?
  • What is a Reformed Church?
  • What are Spiritual Gifts?
  • What is Spiritual Warfare?
  • What is True Conversion?
  • What is a True Calvinist?
  • What is Vocation?
  • What is Worship Music?
  • What is the Doctrine of Adoption?
  • Why God Gave us a Book?
  • Why Have Creeds?
  • What is Faith?
  • What is the Trinity?
  • Why Pray?

These booklets can be found in the library on the 3rd shelf unit to the right and also a few on “Chad’s Pics” shelf. As an extension of our library, we’ve brought a shelf unit into the parlor and placed a few booklets there. All have sign out cards.