Prayer Focus – Independence

As we approach the Fourth of July, we give thanks for God’s mercy and blessing to the United States. We give thanks for the men and women who have given their lives to provide freedom and strength to our country, and for those who are currently serving our country in various roles in government and the military. We pray for our leaders, including our President and all elected officials, for God’s guidance and blessing. We pray for all of our military who are suffering physically and mentally due
to their service for our country; for their healing and restoration. We ask for God’s forgiveness for the sins of our nation, and pray for revival and repentance. We pray that the terrible scourge of abortion would be removed from our nation, and that the innocent lives of the unborn would be protected. We give thanks and praise to God for the beauty that we find so abundant in our nation, and pray that God will show us how to enjoy all the benefits of our land without abusing it. We pray that all of God’s children will show the love of God to those in our nation and around the world.