New Members – The Goehring Family

Welcome to the Goehring Family. Cory and Erica have three children. Fletcher will be 7 in August, Jonah will be 4 in July and Charlotte will be 1 this month. Cory is an English Professor at Warner University and Erica is a stay at home Mom. They moved to Lake Wales from Pittsburg Pa. about one year ago. Before their move, Erica went on line to check out the Mops program in the Lake Wales area. The Presbyterian Church website came up. Erica and the children did attend Mops after their arrival in Lake Wales and the family attended church here as well. After visiting other places of worship, they came back to First Pres. Being raised in a Presbyterian church it just seemed natural for them and they were very interested in the children’s programs, Sunday School and all that is offered here. Everyone was so warm and welcoming to them. They were amazed that so many people reached out to them. When they moved from their former house to their present home the youth group was there in full force helping with the move. Erica said, “It was so amazing and I cried – tears of joy, of course.”