Welcome to Our New Members – The Richerts

Kermit and Donna Marie Richert reside in Winter Haven for six months and Loudonville, Ohio for the other six months of the year.  The Richert’s have three children,  two live in the Loudonville area of PA and one in Eastern PA.  Rounding out their family are seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.  Kermit is a retired real estate salesman and auctioneer.  Donna Marie was a teacher/media specialist in the local school system in Ohio.  Kermit enjoys woodworking, carpentry and digging in the dirt.  Since they changed houses in both Florida and Ohio this year, he has been very busy indoors and out.  Donna enjoys knitting, rug weaving and reading to kids.  They also like taking trips.  Gabe Statom invited Donna Marie to become a member of the Lake Wales Chorale.  She accepted the invitation and enjoyed the church so much they decided to join with us also.