So…You Want to be a Missionary

Just so you know, you are associated with a mission-minded church that takes its job of sharing the Gospel seriously.  The mission committee currently has opportunities for you to be the Lord’s witnesses in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth – well almost.  We do in fact have openings for short-term missionaries to Mexico, Wales, and even Turkey within a year’s time.

Our missionaries in Mexico will be available to host a group in Guadalajara, Mexico this fall.  They will likely use you to God’s glory in an English camp as well as street ministries with engaging clowns.  They also have a thriving backyard ministry in which they encourage building relationships with neighbors (and plumbers and store-keepers, etc.) whom they come in contact with through daily living.  We have had a long relationship with our missionaries in Mexico and now want to put our footprint in their ministry.

This summer we will be sending a small team to Ynysybwl, Wales to direct a Bible club with help from Tabernacl Chapel members; and provide youth discipleship time afterwards.  Our trip this past winter helped solidify the partnership our church family has with these lovely Welsh folks; and they are looking forward to working with us as we continue to share the Gospel in Ynysybwl in a concentrated effort over the next three years. The fall will provide a chance to again head to Ynysybwl for a time of kids events and relationship building with adults in the village.

Finally, the missionary families in Turkey would love to have an “on the road Bible club” visit them next Spring to share with their kids during their retreat in Ephesus. You can help out during an abbreviated VBS for the missionary kids (all in English!); this trip will also give you a good opportunity to visit with, get to know and get insight into our missionaries to Turkey. Of course it also provides a great chance to visit the biblical sights around Ephesus. The meeting will be held in a Christian Camp near Ephesus. The retreat was to be scheduled in March or April 2012.

It may be hard for you to imagine that a church our size has all this mission activity going on.  Like I said earlier…our church is serious about sharing the Gospel.  This is where folks like you come in.  If you are feeling the Lord nudging you to find out more about any of the above chances to be His witnesses, now is the time to ‘just do it.’ You may have noticed the general time frames and dates for our future short term mission trips above.  That’s because all dates are tentative and subject to what we hear from you. In order for the mission committee to plan and make necessary arrangements for these opportunities we need to know who the Lord is sending …and where.   Please complete the form below which will be emailed to the mission committee. Lord willing, you just might be a missionary after all.

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