5K Fun Run for Joy

At the First Presbyterian Church some of the teens from the youth group, decided around 5 years ago that they wanted to participate in a camp that they had heard of for a long time. The name of the camp was Camp Joy. I was one of those teens along with roughly five others.

We weren’t quite sure what we were getting into at first but we figured that God wanted us at that Camp. It was a perfect fit for  all of us. It was like a small week of complete and utter joy, the kind of joy that only God was capable of showing though.  Looking back at that week now, though, I realize that God had a much bigger plan in store for us. This is the third year there has been a Camp in Florida  and it is planning to grow through the leadership of Mrs. June Ullman.

The teens of our church have silently agreed, whether they know it or not, that Camp Joy is very important to us. We want to see it flourish and grow in order to create a week like we experienced our first year, for more campers around the nation.

There is one big challenge though. The camp runs completely off of donations. Camp Joy is extremely expensive to run. Think about the fact that counselors don’t pay to come, but are themselves housed and fed, as well as the campers (who only pay if they can) who are also housed and fed.  Any special needs that the campers may have are completely taken care of as well. Its only by God’s will that this camp has now been up and running for 32 years.

Teens from our church heard of this and decided to do something. David Kennedy Nelson came up with the idea of creating a 5-K to benefit the camp. God obviously wanted this to happen because last year at our first annual Run For Joy, the run ran and went completely smooth. We raised $1,000 for Camp Joy while also raising awareness.

One of the amazing things about this run is that only teens participate in the set up. Teens are the directors, the brains, the editors, the salesmen, the volunteers, the everything. Adults are also there but the passion exists in the teens. I believe that the adults are there because our passion is so bright that it has leaked to them.

This year on April 14, 2012 the second annual Run For Joy will be held at Warner Southern University. The same group as last year will be putting the run together, we ask for your prayer and support.

Registration for the run is on the church’s website.  Visit Camp Joys website to learn more about the camp. Feel free to e-mail me, Madison Campbell, if you have questions or comments: mpcampbell12@gmail.com