New Members – The Bellarde Family

We are happy to welcome the Bellarde family, Marcelo, Daniela and 14 year old Nicolas, into our church family. They have been worshipping with us for nearly three years. Marcelo works for the Brazilian citrus company, Citrosuco, which means citrus juice. He has worked for them for 26 years. Daniela is a full time mother. Hobbies include soccer and exercise for the men. Mom enjoys exercise and likes to cook and practice her gift of hospitality. Daniela is a 4th generation Presbyterian and, I might add, is very well versed in the Bible. In 2000 she came to an Easter service with some friends, attended the Baptist church for 5 years, then they were invited to attend a Brazilian church in Orlando and were attending there. They were not able to go to midweek services etc. due to the distance. Scott and Jill Smith’s son, Jonathan and Nicolas played on the same soccer team. After lots of conversation the Smith’s invited the Bellardes to our church. They were looking for activities like the ones offered here. This is the first American church for them to join as members. We are glad you did and we welcome you into our fellowship