Prayer Focus: Servanthood

One of the commitments we espouse in our vision statement is servanthood. We see this as a Biblical call in the life of every Christian, though we acknowledge that there are those who are particularly gifted for the role of service to others. One of the true servants in First Presbyterian Church is Jeanette Odle. She has faithfully served God, us, and countless members of our community through her ministry of food preparation for Ekklesia meals, covered dish gatherings, receptions, and other church functions. Jeanette recently “retired” from “full-time” service in this area and was recognized at a reception February 26th.

Please take time this week to thank God for Jeanette and for all of the men, women, and children in our congregation who serve Him, this church, and our community so faithfully. Also, pray and ask God to show you the opportunities available in your church, your neighborhood, your school, your workplace, and your community to serve Him and others sacrificially.