Wales Update – February 15, 2012

Upon leaving England’s Swindon station en route to our flight home from Gatwick I am pondering what we accomplished in Wales in February. The church family in Ynysybwl seemed to be encouraged as much by the fact we came in Feb. as by what we did and said. Our first meeting on a freezing cold and wet Wed night brought out twenty-plus folks to greet us and hear our plans for the week. Our last meeting on Sunday night brought out encouragement, constructive criticism offered in love, and prayer made by one people, of one faith, of one baptism, of one Father.  We will see what the good Lord has in mind for this partnership in the near and not-so-near future, but it seems that both Americans and Welsh are excited about the prospects right now.  Please keep these lovely people of Ynysybwl in your prayers.