Wales Update – February 9, 2012

After the better part of a 24 hour period spent in two trains, two cars, one bus and one plane our team arrived bleary-eyed and bundled up in Ynysybwl. Over the following 24 hours, we have been established in the homes of three host families, have met with the hosting congregation as a whole, the (grown) kids from missions trips past, multiple mothers and their children from Treroberts (one of the local elementary schools) the headmaster of that school, and a sizable portion of the community who frequent the local cafe – many of them mothers and their small children stopping in after school. Later today we will be canvassing the Northern part of the town promoting the Christianity Explored program via leaflets which the local church will be kicking off soon after we leave.

Overall our team has already met and had some level of conversation with probably 50-70 people. Some are previously known. Many are not. It is only lunchtime. Pray for what follows. We don’t now what to expect, but have some good, Spirit-led reason to believe that we should have some highish hopes.