New Ekklesia Classes

The new quarter begins October 19 and with it, two new Adult Elective classes.

Bible Survey 101: Old Testament
Teacher: Chad Reynolds
Location: Lecture Hall B

In the Church today, much of our Christian education is focused on studying one book of the Bible or is perhaps thematically oriented so that we study all there is to know about the Biblical view of a particular subject. These in-depth studies are wonderful, but they often
lead us into a spiritual dilemma of not seeing the forest for all of the trees.

If you feel like you know a lot about a little of the Bible, but not even a little about
a lot of it, then this is the class for you. Bible Survey 101 will take a “bird’s -eye
view” of the Old Testament in order to give us the big picture of God’s redemptive historical work as it is revealed to us in Scripture.

Don’t worry, Bible Survey 102: The New Testament will be coming in the fourth quarter so that you can get the rest of the story!

Prayer: Does It Make Any Diffeence?
by Philip Yancey
Facilitator: John DuBois
Location: Chapel

John will lead participants through a study of Philip Yancey’s book on prayer. Some of the topics covered will include: Why Pray?, How to Pray, and Does Prayer Change Anything?

The format of the class will include times of Bible exploration, class discussion, and
personal reflection. Come learn to pray as Jesus prayed, and to grow in both your use and appreciation of this cherished gift from God.

Guide books are available for purchase for $8.00 through the church office or you may bring your own copy.