A Joyful Sending Forth

The postlude (the instrumental music following the benediction) is intended to provide a “joyful sending forth” into the world to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We recognize that it provides worshipers with a choice between two wonderful things, similar to the choice in a restaurant of having lobster or steak. Some of you might wish to stay and enjoy the postlude and to you we say, “be seated and listen!” If this is your desire we ask you to show grace to your fellow worshipers who are enjoying Christian fellowship during this time, recognizing that the postlude is not intended to be a performance before a silent crowd. As for the folks who wish to greet others (something we want to happen) we ask that you be aware of those near you who are listening to the music. If you see a brother or sister in Christ sitting close by, intent on listening, you might consider speaking more softly, holding your conversation until after the postlude, or moving to an area where you can continue your fellowship.